Depot / Factory Audits

The depots are stock keeping locations whose primary responsibilities include receipt of inventory from manufacturing locations, breaking bulk, perform customer invoicing and arranging for distributing the inventory to the billed customers. They also act as a receiving location for consolidating the damaged / date expired inventory that are available in the market place.

  • 100+ depots across the country being verified every month
  • Handling more than 1000 stock codes which multiplies in geometric progression when the batch level check is done
  • Comprehensive checklist based approach.
  • Checklists developed internally drawing from our wealth of experience.
  • SOPs of individual clients are validated against the checklist o make each checklist tailor made for a client
  • Scoring methodology evolved based on the checklists
  • Comparison and rating enabled based on scores earned by each unit
  • Our clients have been able to fix KPIs and benchmarks based on the checklist and scoring pattern
  • Reports and reviews are available online through interactive customer portals