Modern Trade Reconciliation

Modern Trade reconciliation is the process of ensuring and monitoring customer receivables and payables are at par. It acts as a key for tracking of credit and debit notes for price difference, damaged stock return, VAT differences, Trade Spends, payment disputes, centralized/decentralized operation for various, marketing claims, etc.

Our services in MTR helps

• In bringing a transparency in accounting of invoices, payments, and receipts.
• Identify gaps in accounting of debit notes and credit notes, marketing claims, sales returns, etc.
• Build good customer relationship due to clean accounting
• Helps update the master data on time, so that there are no issues with rate differences.
• Identify areas where payments are not getting accounted/or payment getting applied to any other account due to lack of information.
• Identify differences in payment terms agreed with reconciliation and policy of the organization.
• Validate the PO system and identify expired Pos for which materials have been delivered.